Japan General Manager - Business Development Director - Kim Christian Botho Pedersen

This is my Japanese network

Network in Japan:

As you probably know, network is one of the main issue in Asia, if you want to get into the market. No network, no success. Huge network gives the potential of a huge success. This is wellknown to be common in Asia, but Japan is probably the counry in Asia where network is most important. Even Japanese companies change to more cost / benefit approaches, but most companies still rely on network.


I have divieded my network status into the following categories and marked accordingly:
Basic network
Larger network
Large network/good relation
Immidiate access


I have a good or reasonable network within the following industries:

Food ★★★★

Transport ★★
Building industry ★★★
TV / celebrities / broadcasting ★★★★
Importers ★★★★
Trading houses ★★★
Embassies ★★
Manufacturer ★★
IT / web consultants
Accounting / lawyers
Governmental administration
Political parties / politicians

The network I dont have today, I will get tomorrow:

As mentioned several times on my web, I have a unique understanding of Japan, unique language skills and a unique approach to Japan. This means that I am able to establish the necessary network within any industry in Japan in a very short time. I have proven track record of establishin necessary network within a few days or weeks.
New network ★★★★